snake around student

The students at CHSD170's Wilson School recently enjoyed a fun, unique, and informative program from Dave DiNaso's 'The Traveling World of Reptiles.'

During the program, students were engaged in a lively, interactive, and engaging experience during which they learned about a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians. The students were captivated by observing and touching snakes, turtles, frogs, and iguanas.

"Our students were fearless as they became an integral part of the program," said Wilson Principal Keyara Bishop.

"This was a wonderful opportunity for Wilson's scholars to make real-life connections to Science standards they have learned to apply, and they so enjoyed observing and learning many facts about the often-maligned animals," she continued.

Third-grade teacher Natalie Lewis echoed Principal Bishop's opinion of the program.

"I loved the smiles of our students during the hands-on interaction with the animals," she said.

According to DiNaso's troupe's mission statement, "the program introduces students to a wide-ranging array of reptiles, many of whom face extinction due to habitat loss, hunting, the pet trade, and other reasons."