Peace Playlist


The Peace Program in District 170 focuses on social and emotional learning, restorative practices, conflict resolution and mindfulness.  Through activities, skills building and modeling we teach these life skills - identifying how I feel, regulation of feelings, social awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills.  We work with students who have received an in school suspension and also with classes throughout the District.  As a way to serve students and families we have  recorded and placed activities on a playlist.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions at  We are here to assist you! 



About Us - 2q 

Peace Video:  Getting to know peace program staff

Peace Video:  Game Show Time - True or False! 


Asking For Help -  

Video: Asking for help cartoon

Peace Video: We all need help and just need to ask! 


BOOKS - Reading is FUNdamental! -  20 minutes a day!  

Happy Hippo Angry Duck by Sandra Boynton read by Miss Mary 

Shades Of Black  Myles C. Pinkney read by Mr. Beach 

Hands Are Not For Hitting Martine Agassi read by Mr. Beach 

Three’s A Crowd  Gwendolyn Hooks read by Ms. Z 

Taking Turns  Sesame Street read by Ms. Mary 

Who Will Be My Friends? Syd Hoff read by Ms. Z

I Accept You As You Are! David Parker read by Ms. Z 

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Carol McCloud read by Miss Mary 

All In a Day Cynthia Rylant read by Miss Mary

The Peace Book by Todd Parr read by Peace Program Staff          


You CAN control your breath. Make it a practice to focus on breathing at scheduled times three times a day, for example prior to school, after lunch and at the end of the school day.  In addition, you can also pause to do a breathing activity  when you need to focus or to help you regulate your feelings.

Article Breathing Exercise Benefits

Video: "Belly Breathe" Common and Colbie Caillat

Peace Video: Bees Breath 

Peace Video: Belly Breath

Peace Video: Breath Ball 

 Peace Video: Breathing Buddy           

Peace Video: Snake Breath 


Current Events/News

Youtube CNN Top 10 stories for the day           

Diet    Please aim for 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit each day! 

Peace Video:  What 2 Eat 2 be Healthy! 

Website: MyPlate | ChooseMyPlate

Website: Nutrition information, games and activities



Peace Video: Drum Circle with Positive Affirmations

E-Learning Movement

Peace Video: Movement While Learning



Being healthy is more than diet and exercise. It also involves what you let into your mind and    heart.  Your diet is everything you take in, not just food.

Peace Video: Working Out in the Gym 

Website: Be A Fit Kid 

Family Fun Activities

Website: Activities to do as a family or to spark a new hobby for your child

Website with activity ideas



Video: Name That Emotion

Video: Anger Management for kids (and adults)

Video: "Belly Breathe" Common and Colbie Caillat



Article: Tips For Helping Your Child Focus and Concentrate


Goal Setting    

Peace Video: Goal Setting 

Activity Sheet: Identifying Strengths and Creating Action Steps

Activity Sheet: My Qualities 



Peace Video: Gratitude Challenge Introduction 


Video: What is Gratitude?

Video: Thankful song

Activity Sheet: Giving Positive Feedback 

Activity Sheet: Gratitude 

Article: Gratitude and Courage


Hand Hygiene

Peace Video Male Hand hygiene

Peace Video: Female Hand Hygiene 

Hand Hygiene Steps Printable


Introducing Yourself  

Peace Video: “New Hires Six Feet Apart” AND Traits For Successful Learners 

Journal Prompts 

Read, Reflect and Write



Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Article: What If Schools Taught Kindness


Inspiring Quotes - Select some to reflect on, use to inspire you or journal!!



Peace Video: Morning Routines 

Peace Video: Evening Routines 

Article Self-management Skills for Remote Learning


Self Reflection

Health isn’t just about what you are eating.  It’s also about what you are thinking and saying too.

  1. What went well today?/ What was the best part of my day?

  2. What can I improve upon?/ How can I make tomorrow better?


Social Emotional Learning

Website: SEL Overview

Website: Mindful Practices

Article: The Importance of Self-Awareness

Parent Prompts: Starters for giving positive feedback

Website: CASEL.Org Parent Resources

Article: Responsible Decision Making and additional SEL Resource Links


Yoga/Outdoor Exercise

Peace Video: Yoga & Positive Affirmations AND Outdoor Exercise