1. Visit www.sd170.com

  2. At the top right hand corner, click Employee Access

  3. Enter your SD170 email address, including “@sd170.com”

  4. Click on “Google Workspace Account”

  5. Enter your password, this is the same password used to login to your email account

  6. Once you login, on the left hand side, click on “My Time”

  7. Under “My Time”, click on “Time Sheets”

  8. At the top of the page, you will see a dropdown for the pay periods

  9. On your timesheet screen, you will see the extra duties to which you are assigned to.  If you do not see an extra duty, please contact your principal.

  10. To enter your time, hover over the gray “+” under a day of the week.

  11. On the next box, you will see the date and the extra duty

  12. All extra duties should be entered as an hour

  13. Once you have submitted all of your hours for the month, click “Submit”, to enter your time.