jefferson school students learning about veterans

Last week, CHSD170's Jefferson School welcomed Georges Sanon (USAF Veteran and Prairie State College's Military Student Affairs Center Director) to speak with students in grades three through five as part of the school's Veteran's Day Celebration.

Principal Christopher Baikauskas, who also serves in the elected position as Vice-Chairman of the Prairie State College Board of Trustees, praised Mr. Sanon for his service to our country. He also recognized his commitment to the students at PSC and for sharing his time with the pupils at Jefferson School.

"I am grateful that Mr. Sanon could take time from his busy schedule to meet with our students," Baikauskas said.

"I knew of his wonderful work at Prairie State College and was heartened to see that he brought that same level of commitment and warmth to our students in helping them to understand the importance of the military in maintaining the freedom of our country."

Sanon spoke about the importance of Veterans Day, service to others, the importance of the military, and facts about military life. He also gave bookmarks to the students that memorialized the Chicago native Medal of Honor Recipient Milton Olive III for his heroic actions in the Vietnam War.

While visiting the third-graders, School District 170's Truancy Officer and USMC veteran Robert Tilton joined Sanon in discussing their service experiences.

During his visit, Sanon also urged students to thank a veteran for their service and talked about "priorities" in life that can help make students successful.

Each classroom gave Sanon thank you cards and letters for distribution to veterans on the PSC campus and those residing at the Manteno Veterans Home.

"I was most appreciative and honored by the students' engaging and respectful attention during yesterday’s presentations," Sanon said.

"While talking with the children, I took the opportunity to share with them a quote I heard a long time ago: 'How we treat veterans and the elderly reflects the goodness of the society in which we live,'" he added.

In summarizing the day’s events, Baikauskas noted the importance of establishing strong relations with community entities.

"As we have done with the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, I am glad that our school continues to build strong symbiotic relationships with vibrant community organizations such as Prairie State College.”

“Relationships such as these will well serve our students and our city," he concluded.