veteran celebration

In observance of Veteran’s Day, Washington-McKinley School created a “Wall of Honor” celebrating veterans of the US military services.

To create the display, families of students and staff shared photos of the veterans in their lives. The “Wall of Honor” was displayed prominently near the school’s entrance foyer.

“The commitment of all the Washington-McKinley School family to completing this activity was commendable in itself,” said Assistant Principal Safiyah Malvin.

“The Wall of Honor is our way of showing respect to those who selflessly served in the armed forces, and that commitment connotes a level of respect that we will continue to work so diligently to instill in our students,” added Washington-McKinley Principal Joseph Silvestri.

The Chicago Heights Middle School also presented morning and afternoon programs honoring local veterans on the same day.

Senator Patrick Joyce and Representative Anthony DeLuca spoke at the program, and with District 170 graduates Gunnery Sergeant Eric Villarreal, USMC, Ret., and Sergeant Roberto Vera Jr. USMC, explaining why they chose to join the military and how that choice affected their lives, the programs were a rousing success!

“The program embodied many of the values that we work so hard to pass along to our students on a daily basis,” said Middle School Principal William Seidelmann.

Seidelmann explained that each morning the students walk by a sign that reads “Preparing for a brighter future,” that the students begin each morning with a moment of silence, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

“As leaders in this building, we want to help our students understand the importance of these rituals, and I believe that the Veteran’s Day Program went far in furthering that understanding.”

“I believe that programs such as this one, with speakers such as today’s guests, will help our students realize the importance of honoring the brave men and women who serve and have served to protect our freedom, a freedom we would not have without their bravery, courage, and honor,” Seidelmann concluded.