pasta night with students

In a renewal of what continues to be a highlight of its annual calendar, Chicago Heights School District 170’s Grant School recently held its “Family Pasta Dinner.”

A large group of students and their family members and friends crowded into the gymnasium to enjoy the event.

The event was organized by the Grant School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) with the aim of extending the school’s goal of establishing a positive and harmonious relationship with the members of its service community.

Samara Lloyd, President of the PTO, was thrilled by the response to the event.

“The continued success of the Pasta Dinner is a direct result of the outstanding support that our school receives from the families of our students,” Lloyd said.

“As always, the teachers and parents worked diligently to make sure that everyone enjoyed a night of good fun and good food, and I’m happy that our PTO helped bring smiles to everyone who stopped by.”

Grant School Principal Marco Pellillo added that he was gratified to see such an exceptional turnout.

“We always are excited to conduct an event that involves our students, their parents, and their family and friends in a positive and fun atmosphere and I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who was part of this fantastic event,” Pellillo said.