student earning community service recognition

John Schurict-Head, a second-grader at School District 170's Kennedy School, was honored recently by Chicago Heights Fourth Ward Alderman Josh Deabel who presented him with an Outstanding Community Service Award in recognition of his generous acts of appreciation towards first responders of the city.

Schuricht-Head, a student in Jennifer Kerr's second-grade classroom, is the grandson of long-time School District 170 teacher and administrator Barbara McCulley and is the son of Lana Head, a teacher at the district's Jefferson School.

The youngster got the idea of recognizing the city's first responders while participating in a Veteran's Day celebration at school.

"John came home from school excited by the fact that so many people were celebrated and remembered on Veteran's Day and wondered why a day wasn't set aside for the first responders who serve our community," McCulley said.

"After we talked about why there wasn't a day designated to recognize the efforts of the police, fire, and emergency service personnel John became worried that those brave men and women would be forgotten. That's when he got the idea of creating a holiday just for them by bringing them Munchkin donuts (his personal favorite) to assure them that they, too, were appreciated for the work that they do."

After learning of John's efforts, Alderman Deabel determined that John should be recognized for his efforts and presented the student with the Outstanding Community Service Award at a ceremony held earlier in November.

Kennedy School Principal Artis McCann praised Shuricht-Head for his efforts.

"John is a kind young man whose efforts on behalf of the community service personnel who keep us safe reflect that fact," she said.

"His generous act is a beautiful reflection of the attitudes that he's learned at home and does credit to both his family and Kennedy School."

John plans on making his celebration of honoring the Chicago Heights police, fire, and emergency service personnel a yearly event.

The photos illustrating this article show John with Principal McCann and Ms. Kerr; receiving the citation from Alderman Deabel; John purchasing the Dunkin' Munchkins; and distributing the treats to Chicago Heights' first responders.