michael cobb with Children

Former Chicago Bears Tight End Michael Cobb visited CHSD170's Kennedy School on Thursday, March 16th, to address a student assembly about the importance of making positive choices in life.

While meeting with students, Cobb reinforced affirmative behaviors that coincide with Kennedy School's year-long PBIS initiative, "Making Positive Choices."

Mr. Cobb addressed the importance of listening to teachers and making good choices. He shared with the students a variety of stories, both uplifting and tragic, from his childhood.

"I remember I once asked a teacher why some people had so much more than others? She explained that, most often, that very success was due to the choices those people made," Cobb said.

"From that day on," he continued, "I vowed to become a success by making the right choices."

Kennedy School Principal Artis McCann coordinated the assembly for students in grades three through eight as part of the school's PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Services) program that stresses the importance of making constructive choices both at school and at home.

"This assembly showed our students that everyone, even a professional athlete, is affected by the choices they make," McCann stated.

"As Mr. Cobb said, 'You're not born a winner, you're not born a loser, but you are born a chooser!' and that message came across clearly in his excellent presentation."