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CHSD170 Will Begin 2020-21 With Enhanced Remote Learning

At its August 3rd meeting, the Board of Education of Chicago Heights School District 170 announced that the district would begin the 2020-21 academic year implementing a fully remote learning protocol.

The proposed Enhanced Remote Learning process will begin on September 8th and extend through November 2nd at which time the district will announce further plans for student instruction.

"After careful consideration and a great deal of research, we are implementing remote learning to optimize our students' and staff's safety," said Superintendent Tom Amadio.

Amadio stressed the need for families to know whether children will be home this fall and the continued unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic as critical factors in the Board's decision to implement homebound learning.

"We urge parents to address their questions or concerns regarding the remote learning process with the Principal of your neighborhood school," Amadio added.

The Enhanced Remote Learning process will provide active screen-to-screen live instruction between teachers and students, and continue the district's established curriculum on a grade-level basis.

To better replicate in-person instruction, while students continue working from home, the district staff will facilitate learning from school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each school will be deep-cleaned on Wednesdays, while teachers and support staff will provide instruction from their homes.

While pursuing a level of high academic achievement, all students are expected to complete class assignments and exhibit the commitment and behavior to achieve that goal. The district will support these endeavors by providing each student with a Chromebook.

"Our district has modified the protocols put into place during last spring's initial remote-learning experience, and believe that we have created a plan to ensure that our students will have full access to the learning strictures adhering to our district-wide curriculum," said Mary Kay Entsminger, CHSD170's Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.

The district will supply information concerning the Chromebook pickup process, student registration, the food service program, and the 2020-21 calendar as it becomes available.