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Chiro One Visits CHSD170's Washington-McKinley School

As part of Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, CHSD170's Washington-McKinley School teamed with Chiro One to conduct a Wellness Day during which more than 40 staff members participated in a variety of wellness activities.

Washington-McKinley Principal Dr. Gretchen Sutherland, Assistant Principal Dawnielle Smith, and Social Worker Helena Greenfield coordinated the event.

"We wanted to provide something a little different, yet special, to show our appreciation for the staff's commitment, dedication, and love for our students," Greenfield said.

"I was able to connect with Chiro One who were quite happy to partner with the school to provide a wonderful day for our staff."

Those who partook of the activity were thrilled at the break from the usual Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week endeavors.

"I very much appreciated the extra moment in the busy day to think about my health," Smith noted.

"All too often we keep our health and work as separate entities, but they truly do affect one another. The mini-massage was very relaxing, and the Chiro One staff were very nice!"

Special Education Teacher Dana Walasczyk echoed Smith's sentiments concerning the activity.

"Having Chiro One come to Washington-McKinley School was wonderful for the staff. The mini-massage was so relaxing, and everyone was so nice and professional. I wish we could do it every year!"

"I was delighted to have a 10-minute a relaxing and pampering massage at the start of the school day," added teacher Barbara Schranz.

"I was impressed at how Washington-McKinley School values it's teachers, and am grateful for the recognition of our team."

Teacher Pablo DeLarosa appreciated that as part of the event, staff members responded to questions concerning their health and received advice about possible remedies for ongoing ailments.

Sutherland was happy to provide the activity as a way of thanking the staff for all that they do.

"Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week gives us the chance to show our appreciation for our hard-working school staff members," she said.

"Our staff works diligently to provide our students with a wonderful learning experience, and it was a pleasure to show them how much we appreciate their efforts."