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Greenbriar Students Star at the School's Science Fair

Greenbriar Students Display Their Talents at the School's Science Fair

Students from Chicago Heights School District 170's Greenbriar School displayed an assortment of displays detailing a wide-ranging variety of projects at the annual Science Fair held recently in the school's gymnasium.

Many members of the school's service community, parents, staff, students, and administrators attended the event.

Students from different grade levels presented projects displaying areas of the physical, biological and earth sciences, along with various "interactive" Science activities.

The presentations reflected experiments and research conducted throughout the year. Students created their presentations to explain their hypotheses and concluding results.

I could not be prouder of my student's accomplishments," said Laura Wolframski, Greenbriar School's junior high Science teacher. "As their science teacher, I was thrilled to watch our students create some of the best projects I have seen since starting the activity six years ago.

"It always takes my breath away to see the projects on display that represent the fulfillment of our students' hard work and commitment to being the best they can be."

Esmeralda Mendoza, who was honored as the Science Fair's top performer, recognized those who helped her to earn the honor along with the effort needed to excel.

"It was an honor to be recognized as the Best of Fair 2019 especially as it acknowledges the effort and commitment that went into my project," she explained.

"My family, of course, was a factor in my success through their constant support and reinforcing the idea that the effort, determination, and hard work put into the project would make it deserving of recognition."

"This honor reinforces my belief that there is nothing you cannot accomplish through perseverance, sacrifice, and hard work."

In discussing the Science Fair, Principal Joe Taylor praised the efforts of the teachers, students, and the audience who attended the event.

"Greenbriar School always welcomes the opportunity to host events that showcase the talents and dedication of our students, teachers, and staff, and welcomes the support of the parents, families, friends, and members of the community who join in celebrating our students' success."