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CHSD170's Kennedy School Welcomes the STEAM Museum Experience

CHSD170's Kennedy School students recently participated in a STEAM Museum Activity presented by Mobile Ed Productions, Inc.

The school-wide assembly was funded through a grant from the Chicago Heights School District 170 Educational Foundation and a donation from the Emmaus Community Church as part of their partnership with Kennedy School and the Chicago Heights community.

During the activity, students in grades K-6 engaged in a STEAM Museum Activity with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics exhibits comprising a hands-on children's museum which exposed students to high-tech fields of study without the hassles associated with arranging trips away from the school.

"Our students were thrilled to explore and enjoy the educational opportunities provided by the STEAM Mobile Museum," said Kennedy Principal Artis McCann.

"The children were allowed 45 minutes to explore the various exhibits and it was a great day of exploration and inquiry for everyone involved."

Key members of the Kennedy School family who were instrumental in securing and presenting the activity included teacher Angela Foushi, who wrote the grant, and parent volunteers Tolanda Foxworth, Ramona Bartee, and Yuvanni Barbosa.

Foushi spoke for all the Kennedy family in describing the event's overwhelming success.

"I think that the students' smiles said everything you needed to know about their response to the event," she said. "Students of all levels were engaged and excited about learning."

"It was a wonderful experience, and I am so thankful to our District Foundation and the Emmaus Community Church for supporting this event."