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CHSD170's Garfield School Unveils Its New Hydration Station

CHSD170's Garfield School recently installed a new Hydration Station purchased through a donor's project at the DonorsChoose website spearheaded by Dual Language Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Briones.

The Hydration Station, a water fountain with a water-bottle filling component, was purchased through donations that totaled $1,439.94.

Briones chose the project to provide everyone at the school with a state-of-the-art water fountain and water-bottle filling station that affords users ice-cold water while also estimating the number of plastic water bottles that will be saved through utilizing the refilling element.

"Our bodies are made up of 75% water and keeping hydrated is a must," Briones said.

"In using the Hydration Station, our students can maximize the hydration that they need while reusing plastic water bottles brought from home thereby helping to minimize waste and helping to protect our already fragile environment."

Garfield School Principal Maricela Ruiz praised Briones for her efforts is acquiring the Hydration Station.

"I sincerely commend the efforts of Mrs. Briones in securing the new Hydration Station for our school," she said.

"Through her vision and commitment, our students will reap all of the benefits of the device while contributing positively to the earth's environment."