• Parent Information Image

  •      Here, at Roosevelt School, we strive

    to make the parents feel welcome. We

    know that the success of our students 

    depends not just on what we do here at

    school, but what you as parents do at

    home on a daily basis. We want you to

    know that we appreciate all of the effort

    you put in to make sure your children

    arrive to school on time, properly

    dressed with the needed materials for

    the day, including any homework that

    needed to be completed. 

         We hope this website will provide

    you with the information you need to

    stay informed about school

    expectations and activities available

    for your child. If there are ever any

    questions that you need answered,

    please feel free to call the office at

    (708) 756-4836 and we will do our

    best to answer them.