Mr. Banks
  • Meet our Principal: Interview with Mr. Banks
    What are your thoughts on the new PARCC exams? 
    I believe that the test will be more challenging than the ISAT's, but I also believe that our students will do well if they apply themselves. As long as they use the knowledge that has been given to them by their teachers.
    What would you like to say to the students as they get ready for PARCC testing?
    Well for one, believe in yourself, two, do the very best you can and put effort into your work and try. Lastly, I just want to tell my students that every single one of you all have the opportunity to show what you all can do. Don't just blow it off, do your best and show us what you know. 

    If someone were to give you 100,000 dollars for the school, how would you use it? 
    First, I would meet with the leadership team and ask them how they would use it. Then, I would ask the other staff to gain ideas of school needs. I would like to get a playground for the primary kids and a laptop for every student 4-8.
    What is one main problem students are facing this year? 
    One of the main problems the students are facing this year, in general, is being willing to do their best each day of school.
    Why did you want to be the principal? 
    I wanted to be the principal because 1. it is my calling in life 2. I wanted to help students and staff.
    What do you like about being the principal of Wilson school? 
    I love being with the students and I really like to see them grow and change.
    What are some ways that you connect with your school community? 
    We connect by having open house and our family night programs. This year we started a PTO so parents can help with the school.
    What qualities do you look for most in teachers? 
    The top qualities would be that the teachers truly care about the students and have a sincere desire to help the students reach their full potential.
    What is the biggest improvement that this school needs to make?
    The biggest improvement we can make is helping students and parents to learn that education is a partnership between parents, students, and teachers.