Chicago Heights School District 170 English Learners Program

  • Transitional Bilingual Education, Dual Language One-Way, classes are offered at Garfield Grades K-5th, Roosevelt Grades K-3rd, Washington/McKinley Grades K-5th and Chicago Heights Middle School Grades 6-8th.

    Sheltered Instruction and ESL push-in/co-teaching are offered in all buildings. 

  • Bilingual Director

    Shannon Vera



    Garfield Elementary

    140 E. 23rd St. 


    Maricela Clark - Principal 


    Roosevelt Elementary

    1345 Sunnyside Ave.


    Erin Salamon - Principal



    25 W 16th Pl. 


    Gretchen Sutherland - Principal


    Chicago Heights Middle School

    1020 Dixie Highway 


    William Seidelmann - Principal


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    Mission Statement

    The mission of District 170 is to empower English Learners by providing equal access to education through the use of two languages, which will build bilingual, biliterate, bicognitive and bicultural academically successful students.