• Getting to know our Administration!


    Dr. Sutherland, Principal, was interviewed by ShaCari, a sixth grade student. 


    Q.  What made you want to become a principal?

    A.  I was a teacher and thought that I could help support teachers AND students.


    Q. How many years have you worked at this school?

    A. Eleven years!


    Q.  What do you like most about the kids in this school?

    A.  The students are wonderful and work very hard. They are the reason I come to work everyday.


    Q.  What are your hobbies after work?

    A.  I like to run and ride my bike.


    Q.  Do you consider other jobs?

    A.  In the future I would consider being a superintendent.


    Q.  What do you think should be changed in District 170?

    A.  I would like to see more activities for the community at Washington-McKinley.


    Q.  Do you think there should be any changes here at our school?

    A.  I wish there was more time for learning and building relationships. I like being able to have relationships with the staff, parents, but mostly students. I like to see how people change over time and are successful.


    Mr. Silvestri, Assistant Principal, was interviewed by Emirely, a sixth grade student.


    Q.  What inspired you to study this field?

    A.  I always liked school and there were teachers that were influential to me.


    Q.  If you had the chance what other thing, or job, would you like to be?

    A.  I have always loved sports.  In fact, I listen to sports talk radio in my car.  If I ever had the chance I would be a sports talk host.


    Q.  Would you ever switch fields or quit?

    A.  I started here as a teacher and never thought of changing careers.  There was a time where I left District 170 to be a dean in Midlothian, but I am happy to be back!


    Q.  What is your favorite thing about District 170?

    A.  I really believe that school plays a very important role in our community and not just in education, but we help families and provide structured activities, sports, and jobs.


    Q.  What do you think about the students and staff at Washington-McKinley?

    A.  The students give me a lot of personal satisfaction knowing that I make a positive impact in their lives and in the community.  I enjoy working with the staff, especially because we share the same goal and they all show great effort.


    Q.  What school or schools did you attend to study this field?

    A.  I attended the University of St. Francis for my certificate and Masters and then went to Olivet Nazarene University to become an administrator.


    Mrs. Vera, Bilingual Director, was interviewed by Abel, a sixth grade student.


    Q.  What is your biggest goal here and what motivates you each day here?

    A.  The goal is that students in bilingual can read and write in two languages- English and Spanish.  The students motivate me!


    Q.  How would you describe the current state of the school’s education system?

    A.  I think that we’re doing a really good job of teaching students grade-level material and having high expectations.


    Q.   What do you think could make this school better?

    A.  I think we could work to provide teachers with even more teaching materials.


    Q.   What is your greatest accomplishment?

    A.  When I see students get excited for learning!