SVO Events

  • The Grant School Student Volunteer Organization S.V.O. recently sponsored a pumpkin counting contest with students counting pumpkins throughout the school.  At the end of the contest, students won either a gift card or 11 dress down days because their were 11 pumpkins in all. Congratulations to the winners. Students were also able to partake in a Halloween Trivia contest that even included a trivia questions about Spookley the Square Pumpkin and the 2005 World Series Champions The Chicago White Sox.  


    Pumpkin Contest

    What is the S.V.O? 

    The S.V.O. is the student volunteer organization. What does this mean? It means that students can get involved in the school by planning and organizing events, fundraising and much more.  The money we raise goes to help fund Grant School which doesn't help the school, instead it improves the students learning experience. 


     Questions and Answers with Danielle! 

    Q.: Is this just a student council? 

    A.:  No we allow students in grades 4th-8th and you don't get voted in you just turn in a permission slip. 


    Q.:  Can my student still sign up? 

    A.:  Of course! Just turn in a permission slip or note signed by the student's parents or guardians. 


    Q.: Why was this group made? 

    A. To be honest, my mom was Vice-President of the P.T.O. Wherever old members of the P.T.O. were, they'd ask my mom if she can bring it back. However, my mom now has a job and was too shy, so I took matters into my own hands.