• What is BPA, you ask?

    Business Professionals of America is an after school club that is
    the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing life
    skills in business management, office administration, information technology and other
    related career fields.

    As a co-curricular activity, Business Professionals of America has the ability to enhance
    student participation in professional, civic, service and social endeavors. Business

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    Professionals of America members participate in these activities to accomplish its goals   
    of self-improvement, leadership development, professionalism, community service,
    career development, public relations, student cooperation and safety and health.

    What we offer at Chicago Heights School District 170.

    We offer all of our 7 th and 8th
    grade students an opportunity to join and compete against other middle school
    students in events such as:

    -Public Speaking -Graphic Design -Website Design Team
    -Video Production Team -Math Concepts -Financial Literacy
    -Prepared Speech -Computer Tech

    Our Accomplishments.

    Since we began the program in Fall of 2013 we have qualified
    many Chicago Heights middle school students to the National Competitions. To make it
    to Nationals, each student must place first or second in their event (by independent
    judges) for the state of Illinois competition in Oak Brook, Illinois. Each of our student’s
    face nearly 700 competitors from 26 different middle schools throughout Illinois.

    • 2013-14- Nationals, Indianapolis, IN- Qualified 13 students- 1 Student Finished
      2 nd in the Nation.
    • 2014-15- Nationals, Anaheim, CA-Qualified 11 students. 2 students Finished in
      the top 10 in the Nation.
    • 2015-15- Nationals, Boston, MA-Qualified 10 students.
    • 2016-2017- Nationals, Orlando, FL- Qualified 6 students- Begins May 10, 2017

    Student made videos: our students have made a few videos to show their skills and
    how much fun they have at National Competitions.