mckinley students playing recorder

The students and staff of Chicago Heights School District 170’s Washington-McKinley School recently hosted a recorder performance by the acclaimed musical ensemble Renaissance Recalled.

Renaissance Recalled has performed for madrigal dinners, concerts, weddings, memorial services, church services, and dinner meetings for nearly 30 years. Renowned for their dedication to preserving and expanding the music of the recorder, the group also prides itself on educating the public about musical compositions that often go back to the 14th century.

In addition to the recorders, the ensemble sometimes adds vocal, percussion and guitar to their sound.

“I'm grateful to Elaine Gillies and Renaissance Recalled, for working with our students and donating 100 recorders to our school," said Alecia Dixon, the school’s Music teacher.

"As a result of that kindness, more of our students now have an opportunity to create beautiful music, and I look forward to this inspirational relationship with Renaissance Recalled to grow in the years to come.”

Ensemble members provided the school’s seventh- and eighth-grade students with a private recorder workshop before including them in the day’s performance.

“We are thrilled that the members of Renaissance Recalled provided our students with a once in a lifetime educational and performing experience,” said Washington-McKinley Assistant Principal Dr. Ayana Whaley-McGhee.

“That day’s musical and educational exercise was just another example of the diverse academic experience that our school and our district seeks to provide for all of our students,” added Gretchen Sutherland, Washington-McKinley's principal.