Students are expected to wear age-appropriate clothing in a neat, clean, and well-fitting manner while on school property and/or in attendance at school sponsored activities. The dress code is in effect at all school-related functions, with the exception of special school events that have been pre-approved by the building principal. If there is any uncertainty about dress and appearance, the building principal will make the final decision. A student, whose dress or appearance is determined to be inappropriate, will be required to change into an appropriate substitute provided by the school. 


    The School Board has established criteria and procedures under which the Board will assist students from families with financial hardships. 


    A parent/guardian will be informed if a student is repeatedly in violation of the code. If a problem persists, disciplinary action will be taken. 


    For further clarification on what is unconventional or not in compliance with the student handbook, please consult with your student’s school administrator. 



    The District 170 Board of Education has adopted a dress code policy. All students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are required to follow the dress code policy beginning the first day of school. 



    Religious beliefs, when verified, may be grounds for an exemption to a specific portion of the Uniform Policy. A petition for an exemption may be submitted to the superintendent’s office. 


    Not Permitted

    • Hats, bandanas, head coverings or hoods cannot be worn. (Hooded sweatshirts may be worn but the hood must remain off on campus) .
    • Cuts or tears in clothing exposing area from the shoulders to mid-thigh. 
    • Baggy pants or rolled-up pant legs.
    • Razor cuts in eyebrows.
    • Accessories that increase a child’s risk for accidents or injury such as large chains, excessively large belt buckles, studded accessories. No hoop earrings in P.E.
    • Body piercing in eyebrows, nose, lips, tongues, etc.
    • Snow boots in the classroom.

    School Dress Code

    The following are guidelines for appropriate dress at school and school-related functions:

    • Clothing must completely cover the student from shoulder to the mid-thigh; all clothing must conceal undergarments. Shirts that reveal undergarments, whether due to the transparency, length, or lack of coverage of the shirt, are not permitted. No holes in clothing that are from shoulder to the mid-thigh.
    • Clothing must be free of graphics or text that is provocative, vulgar, profane, and/or depict weapons, alcohol, drugs or cigarette-related products.
    • Hats, coats, and sunglasses (unless theme appropriate) are prohibited and may not be worn in the building during the school day.
    • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
    • Students will be participating in outdoor activities, including recess and physical education. It is essential they have appropriate outerwear.
    • Leggings and jeggings may be worn if the shirt completely covers the bottom.


    Students are expected to wear clothing that is neat and clean. The responsibility for appropriate grooming and hygiene rests with students, parents, or guardians.