• E-Learning Days Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How will my child know what assignments or learning activities are assigned?
    A1: Teachers will post E-Learning Day assignments in the Google classroom.
    Before initiating E-Learning Days, teachers will have reviewed with students the protocols and processes governing the program.

    Q2: How much time must my child spend to earn credit for E-Learning Day attendance?
    A2: Students must complete five-hours of instructional time to earn credit for a full day of learning.

    Q3: Are specific E-learning activities required, or may my child select activities for completion?
    A3: Teachers will post, on the Google classroom page, lessons and activities for E-Learning Day participation.

    Q4: How will my child (or I) know that E-Learning Day assignments activities have been completed?
    A4: Teachers and staff regularly will review each student's Google classroom account to monitor student activity. Assignments that remain incomplete will be identified and relayed to the student.

    Q5: What if my student is having trouble logging into their google account?
    A5: Access the E-Learning page on the District website (www.sd170.com/elearning). Once on the landing page, please access the tech support page and enter the required information. After you have contacted tech support, access the resource link bank to complete learning activities.