School & District Uniform Policy

  • Students are required to wear school uniforms in order to maintain student safety and to promote a positive learning environment

  • School Uniform for Grades K-6

    • Navy blue dress slacks, shorts, skirts or jumpers (shorts and skirts must reach the top ofthe knee).
    • Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist.
    • Belts required with slacks or shorts with belt loops.
    • White or navy collared or turtleneck shirt.  Undershirts must match the color of the uniform shirt without colors or designs.
    • Navy or white sweaters, vests or sweatshirts can be worn over the shirt.
    • Closed-toed dress/gym shoes.  Gym/athletic shoes are required for PE classes.  White, navy, black or brown socks.

    School Uniform for Grades 7-8

    • Khaki or navy colored dress slacks, skirt, jumper, shorts, or capris.  (bottom of skirt, etc., must reach top of knee)
    • All else should be the same as above. 

    All Students Grades K-8

    • Black, brown or navy blue dress shoes must be worn. Solid white or solid black gym shoes are also permitted. There must be no designs or colors on the shoes. Shoelaces must be a solid color and match the color of the shoe. Boots are not allowed in the classroom. If students wear snow boots to school, they must bring a pair of uniform shoes to wear during school.
    • Belts are required with slacks or shorts with belt loops.
    • Only solid white, black, or brown socks are allowed.
    • Baggy pants, rolled or banded pant legs or pants worn below the waist are not permitted.
    • Brown or black belts must be worn at all times. Large belt buckles are not permitted.
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

    Not Permitted

    • Hoodies or any clothing with a hood cannot be worn as uniform attire.
    • Hats or hoods covering the head at any time on school property are not allowed. Students may not wear hoodies or clothing with a hood.
    • Blue jeans, skirts, capris, slacks, or shorts made of denim or spandex.
    • Undergarments should NOT be shown at any times.
    • Insignias, emblems, writing or pictures are not permitted on any clothing or shoes.
    • Razor cuts, designs or symbols in hair or eyebrows, body piercings, and unnatural hair color are not allowed.
    • Gentlemen are not allowed to wear earrings or straws in ears. 
    • Body piercings in eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue, etc.
    • Jewelry and accessories that are excessive in size or pose a risk of injury are not permitted.
    • Boots in the classroom